Lip Surgery

Lip surgery is a cosmetic surgery that is carried out to enhance the form and appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through enlargement.

Lip Surgery: The Procedure

By and large, for the procedure, you will be administered local anesthesia. The procedure takes up to 2 hours at the doctor's office, or the procedure may be conducted on an out-patient basis, depending up on the difficulty of the case. In all probability, you can go home on the same day.

Techniques and Implants Used For Lip Augmentation

• Alloderm: is a collagen sheet that is synthesized from deceased human beings. The surgeon will insert an alloderm through small incisions made on the inner side of the lip. Alloderm is only a short-term, temporary fix, and lasts for about 1 year.

• Fat grafting: in this technique your own body fat is inserted in to your lips in order to get the desired plumpness and fullness. This method helps attain everlasting results, but the technique differs from individual to individual. Since your own body fat is being used, there is a likelihood of your body reabsorbing it.

• Goretex, Soft Form, and soft ePTFE: these are artificial materials that proffer permanent results. Your body will not soak up these materials. On the other hand, given that, these are synthetic materials, there is a danger of developing allergic reactions.

• Local flap grafts: this procedure uses skin and tissue from the inner side of your mouth. This technique is more invasive than the other techniques, and is usually the last alternative used by the surgeon.

How Long Will Recovery Take After the Lip Surgery?

It is important that you have someone with you, who can drive you home after the lip enhancement surgery. In case you are having grafts or implants, recovery generally takes up to 2 weeks after the procedure. You will have to take at least 3 days off from work. Also, you won’t be able to exercise for some weeks after the surgery.

It is very crucial that you discuss with your cosmetic surgeon the type of technique you would like to opt for, confer the results you can expect, recovery time and possible complications of the procedure.